Social and environmental facilitators

The Living Landscape Approach

As every landscape we work on is a work in progress, our approach is one we’ve nurtured over many years and streamline on a consistent basis.


Our approach integrates the building blocks of Theory U and the 4 Returns. Theory U was developed by the Presencing Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the 4 Returns framework by Commonland.


Our approach combines bottom-based and top-guided processes to facilitate social learning and collective action. It builds ownership and willingness and is supported by an integrated effort of both government and the private sector to implement and establish policies and programmes. A knowledge and evidence base is developed which informs the programmes and policies that arise out of the process.

Landscape Roles

Each Living Lander engages in one or more of the following actions on the landscape:

Landscape Mobilisation 

To ensure that decisions for the landscape are co-created with the people affected on the ground and collective awareness of current challenges, aspirations and opportunities is built.


Landscape Facilitation 

To create an environment for change by working with landscape stakeholders, the public and private sector as well as downstream water users to address the various challenges facing the socio-ecological landscape.


Landscape Innovation

To get involved in the day to day work on-site, working closely with landowners and communities.

Knowledge Brokering

To inform action by improving the knowledge base for specific innovations through working with universities and other institutions of research.

Business Development

To develop 4 Returns Business cases, enabling long-term financial and ecological sustainability.

It takes approximately 20 years - or one generation - to restore a landscape.