Collaborations working on

living landscapes

We ask, we listen, we care, we do.

At Living Lands we pursue socio-ecological rehabilitation by facilitating collaborations between people to solve a shared challenge. By bringing bottom-based and top-guided processes together we drive social learning and collective action in nurturing natural ecosystems.
Our Vision

Collaborations working on Living Landscapes

When we speak about ‘Collaborations’ we mean working together to solve a common challenge and co-creating solutions based on collective understanding, trust and respect.


The power of ‘working on’ a living landscape means to have your feet planted in the ground and to work with total awareness to achieve where you want to be.

Living Landscapes’ refers to a variety of healthy ecological, agricultural and social systems, which are managed to function sustainably.

Our Principles

Guiding principles help us align our vision to maintain a consistent approach for all landscapes and the people they serve.


The following beliefs are integral to how we operate as a unified organisation:

  • We believe that in order to create collective action, you need to build social capital

  • Our work is dynamic and based on continuous learning

  • We strive to have an open heart and mind

  • We practice deep listening and do not impose preconceived ideas

  • We value an informal yet professional approach and enjoy getting to know the people we work with.


Whilst these principles help connect us, we often juggle seemingly contradictory elements in our work. Rather than make presumptuous decisions, we listen, learn and respond to changing conditions.

Internships on the landscape

Internships hosted by the PRESENCE Learning Network offer students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience through working on the ground and contributing to the landscape over a period of 3 to 6 months.

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